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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia 98 Go,Create a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia.
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98 Go,Create a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia,A platform focused on food delivery.

Rich category

Smart screening and sorting of restaurants, convenient for users to order, breakfast reservation, healthy nutrition delivery on time. Take out supper and eat out a family stall. Fresh fruits, fresh and good home delivery in seconds. Flower cake, live your little mood. Thousands of department stores are within easy reach. Warm afternoon tea, enjoy every moment of silky.

Rider positioning tracking

Quality takeaways, brand restaurants, safe and secure. After you place an order, your takeaway order status allows you to control at any time, and pay attention to the location of your products through the mobile phone, from category to speed, all you want! Complete a perfect experience without leaving home!

Errand purchasing

98Go establishes its own independent and fast professional logistics team, which is faster and more convenient than merchants 'own distribution. At the same time, merchants can reduce personnel costs and reduce merchants' time and operating costs. Move your fingers, 98Go, for your errand purchase, easy errand, one-click purchase, save you more time. Improve distribution efficiency and user experience.

Worldwide Delivery

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