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Cheap:Welcome Gift, Cheap booking China's Leading Car Services Provider Shanghai ehi car rental co., LTD is the largest chain car rental service provider in China.
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Shanghai ehi car rental co., LTD is the largest chain car rental service provider in China. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, branch offices throughout the country and the first, second and major provincial cities, with a variety of thousands of models, the service scope throughout more than 70 cities, is a nationwide coverage of high-quality service to meet customer needs of the largest modern transportation service enterprises. Ehi car rental always adhere to the "sharing, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, harmony" as the corporate philosophy, through the development of "fashion, free, innovative" products for consumers, and strive to make car rental this green sharing travel way accepted by more people.

eHi's mission is to provide better ground transportation services to customers while helping promote a resource sharing and more harmonic society. Our company has invested a lot in getting more people to accept the concept of car sharing and allowing people to benefit from car sharing. eHi's innovative business model and excellent service quality have brought a wide range of awards and praises, making eHi a recognized leader in the Chinese car rental industry.

With a culture of innovation, we are using the latest technologies and methodologies to build a sustainable business model. We are dedicated to serve our customers as well as our society through innovation and diligence.

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