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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping China’s largest dairy produce Yili ranks among the Global Dairy Top 5 and has sustained an undisputable position of No. 1 in Asia for eight successive years. Yili is also China’s largest dairy producer, offering the largest number of products.
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Yili ranks among the Global Dairy Top 5 and has sustained an undisputable position of No. 1 in Asia for eight successive years. Yili is also China’s largest dairy producer, offering the largest number of products. Yili was selected to serve as the exclusive supplier of dairy products and services at major international events, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the G20 2016 China, the 2019 7th CISM Military World Games, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It was also a partner of the World Economic Forum, the Boao Forum for Asia, and the World Internet Conference.

Yili, nourishing life

Yili is a provider of healthy food and an advocator of healthy lifestyle. It is our belief that all lives need to be nourished to show vitality that makes a colourful world. Yili offers various specialized product brands to cater for different needs and core interests of various market segments, including the parent brand Yili and 20-plus sub-brands. Among them, the annual sales of parent brand Yili (products), Yili Satine Milk and AMBPOMIAL each hits over RMB 20 billion, and that of Youngfun goes beyond RMB 10 billion.

Quality is as precious as life itself

"Yili means the best quality" is the corporate belief. Yili sticks to the highest principle that quality is as precious as life itself. By building high-quality brands, manufacturing high-quality products, and cultivating high-quality people, we aim to win the respect to and trust in "Chinese brand" and "Chinese quality" in the world.

International cooperation always counts

It has now put into place a network comprising a global resource system, a global innovation system and a global market system in regions where the dairy industry is well developed. These regions include Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. Its partners are distributed in 33 countries across five continents. Yili has tried to provide better service to consumers by integrating global high-quality resources. Its liquid milk, milk powder, yogurt, cheese and ice cream are on the market in more than 60 countries and regions.

In pursuing international development, Yili follows a philosophy of mutual development, and actively collaborates with global partners on friendly terms through "global mindsets and local operations". Moreover, Yili takes the initiative to get involved in local communities, discovers and trains local talents, proactively fulfils its social responsibilities, promotes local economic growth and prosperity, and shares its development gains with partners.

Innovation means shaping the future

Yili remains committed to its strategy of innovation. By aligning closely with the key R&D areas of the international dairy industry and integrating Chinese and overseas R&D resources, Yili has put into place a global innovation network, which covers the world's leading R&D organisations in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. It is actively engaged in collaboration on innovation across the supply chain. As a result, many practical results have been garnered. In 2020, Yili now owns 15 R&D and innovation centers across the globe. As of early December 2021, Yili ranked second among the top 10 global dairy companies last year in terms of its total number of patent applications and invention applications.

Responsibility means contributing to the community

Yili adhers to that "a successful enterprise stresses social responsibility more than just development of itself, industry prosperity more than its own glory, and social value more than commercial wealth" and believes “balance is key, and responsibility comes first”.Yili integrates sustainability into its corporate strategy, committed to “World Integrally Sharing Health”and let everyone share better lives. On November 6,

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