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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping a global high-end off-road vehicle brand TANK is a global high-end off-road vehicle brand launched by GWM for the new trend of SUVs and an important achievement of GWM's category innovation, dedicated to becoming the No. 1 global off-road vehicle brand.
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TANK is a global high-end off-road vehicle brand launched by GWM for the new trend of SUVs and an important achievement of GWM's category innovation, dedicated to becoming the No. 1 global off-road vehicle brand.

Born global and created for all people, TANK is based on the current consumer trend to break the game and open up a new category market with the brand proposition of toughness and tenderness. TANK will lead the Chinese off-road vehicle brands to break through upward and become a pioneer in the world.

The logo consists of two letters, "T" and "U". T stands for TANK brand, technology and trend positioning, and U stands for the “user” (you) and “united”. TANK will build hardcore strength with innovative technology, create a new travel style and lifestyle, and work with users to create a shared brand ecology and lead a trendy and fashionable lifestyle with an inclusive heart and an iron will.

The design of the logo perfectly interprets TANK's emotional expression of "toughness and tenderness", which demonstrates a leader’s vision and aspiration, sense of responsibility and affection for the world. With the initial "T" in the name of "TANK" as the main part, the design of the car logo highlights the hard-core off-road style of TANK through a strong sense of metal and three-dimensional effect. The overall design of the logo is strong, with square-shaped hard design elements, angular cutting surface with a symmetrical square design, highlighting the strong sense of power. The logo is like a tank ready to launch, with a solid and powerful force to guard the brand users, giving people a sense of invincibility, but also the visual impact of toughness and tenderness.

TANK Brand Proposition: Toughness and Tenderness

Life is a continuous process of tackling challenges and breaking through boundaries, but challenges and breakthroughs do not mean just pursuing for world conquering.

For the unknown road ahead, you need to have the strength to be fearless of difficulties and have the courage to take up the responsibility; but you can still keep a sentiment inside and keep a gentle space for yourself and people around you.

Because of the combination of strength and gentleness, you can really enjoy life. The toughness and tenderness of TANK is reflected in all aspects of the car, people and scenarios, and forms an inspiring association as the guidance.

Vehicle of Toughness and Tenderness

TANK's products are guided by the concept of "toughness and tenderness".

From platform to products, from exterior to interior, from powertrain to equipment, from products to spirit, all show the tone of "toughness and tenderness".

TANK's products have both the "tough" side of hardcore off-road strength and the "tender" side, and also the "feelings" that resonate with users.

It empowers TANK with a richer connotation beyond the products.

Tenderness: comfortable luxury experience & user care spirit

Interior design: exquisite, comfortable, luxury interior design contrasted with the "tough" appearance.

Full-time intelligence: all-terrain control and automatic identification system, off-road expert mode.

Intelligent cabin: full sensory immersion experience, all-terrain and all-scenario comfort experience.

User care: Whether driving in the city or off-road, it provides care and protection, giving careful attention to every user.

Empathy: as the most solid backing for users, TANK empathizes with users and embraces everyone around with the power of empathy.

Toughness — hard-core off-road strength

TANK platform: China's first and the world's leading intelligent professional off-road platform. Power system: the world's top strong power combination of 3.0T + 9HAT + P2, with the maximum torque of 750N-m power output.

Product series: the world's first mecha tech off-road SUV series, China's top business luxury Off-road SUV series.

Off-road performance: China's strongest off-road performance, intelligent 4WD system, active suspension.

Exterior styling: full of hard-core style and strength of the exterior design. Reliable safety: high-strength body design.

Product Introduction:

TANK 500 Medium and Large Luxury Off-Road SUV

The design of the TANK 500 is derived from classical Chinese cultural architecture, with a grand atmosphere, strong and dignified, highlighting the elegant beauty of the East. Majestic and shield-shaped inlet grille with powerful lines. The 3.0T large displacement engine is paired with a longitudinal 9AT automatic transmission for an excellent performance.

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