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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping a New Urban Utopia Urtopia is a New Urban Utopia, where passionate people get inspired by innovation and design, and pursue an active lifestyle with high-tech products.
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Urtopia is a New Urban Utopia, where passionate people get inspired by innovation and design, and pursue an active lifestyle with high-tech products.

Undaunted by breaking the norm and never satisfied by the status quo, the Urtopia team endeavors to build superb e-bikes with first-rate design and cutting-edge technology.

We are a startup company led by biking lovers who happen to be tech-savvy, and believe that an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be achieved by innovations. Many of our colleagues have engineering degrees from top schools such as the Ivy League and MIT. We aim to bring revolutionary e-bikes to the global market to free people of the inconvenience and the un-sustainability of a sedentary lifestyle. 

With headquarters in Hong Kong and suppliers in mainland China, we take advantage of China’s powerful supply chain and efficient logistics network. Globally, we have set up local warehouses and support centers in North America and Europe. We're here to build a long-lasting brand and we strive to provide the first-rate services on top of our products.

Carbon Neutral

One interpretation of the New Urban Utopia is a future where urbanites engage in happier and healthier activities that are environment-friendly. We believe life should be greener and more efficient without the sacrifice of comfort. By providing innovative means of travel, Urtopia encourages people to live free of guilt and ride beyond the urban constraints.

Life Is Better When Shared

Emphasizing interaction and connectivity in real life and outdoors, Urtopia aspires to build a global community where passionate people share the fun of cycling and life together. The past few months have seen a fast-growing Urtopia community where members just can't wait to share their exciting experience with the Urtopia carbon e-bike as a favorite companion in life.

Worldwide Delivery

Pay $9 to Reserve an E-Bike and Get $100 Off. Free Shipping on E-Bikes



All bikes and components

except wearing parts are covered.


Free Return

Free return of unused

products within 14 days of delivery.


Shipping Fees

Free shipping for defective-on-arrivals,

and lower fees for returns/replacements.

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