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Deconovo® Official Store, Get Blackout Curtains for Windows, Crazy Deal and Clearance, don't miss it. Check our range of high-quality modern home decor, curtain panels, room darkening and 100 % blackout curtain drapes, sheers, covers, and save buying at discount prices direct from the manufacturer from Deconovo

Deconovo is all about affordable and modern home decor. Our European and US-based designers spend their time exploring the latest trends to ensure that our range of stylish home decor products is always on point...

We have expanded our selection to all home decor categories, including curtains, sheer curtains, sofa covers, cushion covers, chair covers, bedding items, table cloth, table runners, weighted blankets, towels, bathroom textile, and so on.

We put customers at the center of everything we do:

Deconovo focuses on providing high-quality products that match our customer preferences. By focusing on our customers, we challenge ourselves every day to keep up with the latest trends, offering our customers the most up to date patterns, designs, and colors.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and our customer service champions are always here to assist and advise with everything related to your home. Do you hesitate about what color to choose? What size should you go for? Or do you need help returning a product? Our champions are available 24/7, one e-mail away.

We make affordable, modern, and easy to use products:

We speak simply in everything we do! At Deconovo, simplifying products and the purchasing experience is at the heart of our operation. By providing a large selection of sizes and colors, we make sure our customers get what they really want without twisting the product. That is especially true for our home textile category, where we have the largest size selection you can ever find.

We are an integrated manufacturer and design house:

Besides a large team of designers both in Europe and the USA, we manufacture all our own products so we can control the quality from the factory floor to your door. By cutting out the middlemen and selling direct, we can offer affordable home decor products without compromising quality.

We know that you demand a high quality of the product and want a great price, so we encourage you to shop around and compare our style and prices to other brands. We think you will be delighted when you choose Deconovo.

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Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Cameroon, Congo, and so on.

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