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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping Chinese famous car brand Changan invests extensively in advanced research and innovative new technologies. Part of this commitment has resulted in the formation of a global R&D organization.
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Changan invests extensively in advanced research and innovative new technologies. Part of this commitment has resulted in the formation of a global R&D organization. Our international teams work at facilities around the world to bring you advanced, high-tech products, trend-setting vehicle designs, innovative safety technologies, and strong performance.

Each day, more than 8,500 consumers buy a new Changan. With 6,000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries, and more than 150,000 professional team members globally, we stand ready to provide you considerate and prompt service 24 hours a day.

In 2012, the CS35 SUV was launched. This was Changan's first passenger SUV. The larger CS75 soon followed. These vehicles brought Changan into the heart of China's growing SUV market. Since the Changan CS series debut, these stylish SUVs have become stars of China's SUV market.

In 2011, the Changan Eado sedan debuted at the Internationale Automobil Ausstellung (IAA), in Frankfurt, Germany. Eado attracted consumer attention with its modern and dynamic design. In 2013, the Eado XT was launched and named the most beautiful two-box vehicle manufactured in China . The Changan Eado series ushered in a new era for Chinese-branded vehicles.

In 2006, "Changan"was adopted as the official brand and company name. We also launched our first passenger vehicle, the Benni. In 2009, the Changan Benni was driven to Mount Everest's Base Camp, reaching an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet).

In 1984, Changan produced China's first mini-vehicle called the Star. In 1999, the success of the Star in a series of government safety collision tests convinced the government to support the growth of China's domestic vehicle industry.

Changan launched its first production vehicle in 1959 when it began building the Changjiang Type 46 vehicle, under contract to the Chinese government. The Changjiang was China's very first production vehicle. In 1959, the Changjiang made its first public appearance at the People's Republic of China's 10th anniversary parade.

The Changan group dates back to the Westernization Movement that took place at the end of Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). In November 1862, Li Hongzhang (1823-1901), a Chinese politician, general, and diplomat, founded China's first western style engineering firm, and the beginnings of what has become Changan Automobile.

As one of the top four automobile groups in China and the top selling domestic Chinese automotive brand, Changan Automobile boasts an industrial history stretching back 157 years. With 35 years of experience in building and selling passenger vehicles, Changan is an early leader in the Chinese auto industry.

In the Chinese language, CHANG means lasting and AN means safety. Therefore, CHANG AN together represents the idea of “Lasting Safety”. We sincerely hope that Changan will bring you both safety and happiness.

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