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Delivery:Worldwide Shipping also known as Asian stores or Asian supermarkets Asian markets, also known as Asian stores or Asian supermarkets, mainly sell imported goods from Asian countries.
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Asian markets, also known as Asian stores or Asian supermarkets, mainly sell imported goods from Asian countries.

Asienmarkt, also known as "Yachaoonline" belongs to the company Yachao GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2009, it has spent 14 years and served more than one million customers.

As a veteran of the first wave of Asian online supermarkets in Europe, we aim to delight lovers of oriental cuisine in Europe with thousands of the freshest and best branded groceries.

Our warehouses are located in the north of Hamburg, Germany, as well as in mainland China. Covering a total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, we are equipped with the most advanced warehouse management system and cooperative logistics and transportation companies such as UPS, DHL, etc. The warehouse is close to the airport, and the transportation is fast and convenient to meet each customer's shopping needs.

As an international online shopping platform, also aims to integrate Asian and Western cultures to create a new and better culinary experience. Asienmarkt also organizes and participates offline in cultural activities between Asia and Europe, and cooperates with major brands to support the promotion of Asian culture internationally.

Partial packaging used by asienmarkt are environmentally friendly materials. In the packaging process, we will try to reuse packaging materials to minimize waste, reduce the pressure on the environment, use our own environmental protection aspirations, and achieve sustainable development.

Worldwide Delivery

Only within 25 kilometers of the Hamburg warehouse, and the order amount is over 79€, you can choose the same day delivery of Hamburg.

Please submit orders before 16:00, and indicate the delivery time in the remarks of the order, or contact us by phone to ensure that the package can be received in time on the same day.

If you order fresh vegetables or frozen food, it is guaranteed to be delivered after 18:00-22:00 Monday to Friday.

Region 1: 1-2 business days

Germany (DE)

Free shipping for orders over €49 and under 28 kg and €5.99 for orders under €49. The part over 28 kg will be charged €5.99/28 kg.

Region 2: 2-3 business days

Austria (AT) Belgium (BE) Denmark (DK) Luxembourg (LU) Finland (FI) Sweden (SE) Poland (PL) Netherlands (NL) Czech Republic (CZ)

Over 89€ and under 28kg free shipping, under 89€ shipping 9.99€, the excess part will be charged per 9.99€/28kg.

Region 3: 3-4 business days

France (FR) Italy (IT) Greece (GR) Portugal (PT) Spain (ES) Ireland (IE) Slovenia (SI) Croatia (HR)

Over 99€ and under 28kg free shipping, under 99€ shipping 12.99€, the excess part will be charged per 12.99€/28kg.

Region 4: 3-4 business days

Estonia (EE) Lithuania (LT) Romania (RO) Bulgaria (BG) Latvia (LV) Hungary (HU)

Over €149 and under 28kg free postage, under €149 free postage €19.99, the excess part will be charged per €19.99/28kg.

Region 5: 6-10 business days

Norway (NO) Switzerland (CHE) Iceland (IS)

The total value of the item should not exceed 200€, and the postage should be 24.99€. If the package weight exceeds 10kg, the excess part will be charged 4€/kg, and the maximum weight should not exceed 20kg.

For other countries, please contact customer service.

The delivery time under normal circumstances relates to some irresistible factors that may cause the delivery time to be longer.

Please check the status of the package on the website, and if you have any questions, please contact our customer service representatives directly.

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